Nobis Barry

Nobis is a relatively new company that specializes in fashionable yet functional outerwear. At first glance, some of their product may seem purely fashion, but closer inspection reveals the attention to detail and functionality that anglers need. I had the chance to try out their Barry jacket and put it through some cold and wet conditions. It’s a down filled parka that has some extra features not found on most other jackets in this category.


This jacket is extremely well made using high tech materials. The critically seam sealed construction and breathable polyester crosshatch shell help make it very waterproof. The lining is Canadian down, and is extremely warm. It also has a few innovations that I have not seen on other jackets like a magnetic wind flap and removable fur ruff trim on the hood.


This is one slick looking jacket that is on the cutting edge of fashion. Nobis products are carried at several high end fashion malls and boutiques. However, just because the jacket is in fashion doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well in the outdoors. Nobis jackets are probably the most sought after jacket for 2011 and will be the hottest ticket item for 2012 for urbanites and anglers alike. Good luck getting one though, they are almost always sold out everywhere I check. So try getting the one you like before the cold weather arrives.


Not only does this jacket look and fit awesome, but it has a bunch of great features for the outdoor enthusiast. First off, I like to say that it fits like a glove. It is super warm and light compared to other goose lined jackets in its category. There are also thumb holes on the sleeves that instantly turn your sleeves into gloves. Your finger tips remain exposed from the sleeve allowing you to feel fish bite and to tie knots with ease – a genius idea for anglers! Another feature I fell in love with was the magnetic zipper cover. With one simple flip of a flap your jacket is done up instantly. Unlike many other goose style jackets on the market, the Nobis fur trim on the hood comes off. This is useful when it is raining or snowing because the fur catches moisture and holds moisture. Lastly, the jacket is fairly water proof. I fished out in heavy rain for four hours to give it a real test and I was surprisingly dry. Other goose jackets I have worn in the past absorbed much more water than the Nobis Barry.


The Nobis Barry is what I have been looking for in an outdoor jacket. It is an extreme hybrid of functionality and fashion. It is great for the vain urban angler – you never know who you are going to see while fishing in the city! It is also great for the backwoods angler who likes to be warm and comfortable while fishing in extreme cold conditions. The jacket may be expensive, but for someone who is in the outdoors often it is worth every penny. Product for review provided by manufacturer.


Manufacturer Nobis
Model Barry
Type Cold Weather Parka
Colors Tested Crosshatch Moss
Size Tested Large
Lining Canadian Down
Shell 100% Polyester Crosshatch
MSRP $850

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