Best Winter Jackets to Wear While Waiting for the Bus

Nobis: Women’s She-Ra Parka & Men’s Yatesy Parka
Nobis is popular for its fashionable winter parkas that look great and keep you warm. Insulated with premium duck down, you’ll be laughing at the forecasted blizzards during for your morning commute because you know no matter what, you’ll be warm and cozy. These parkas will not only shield you from the cold winds and snow, but with their DWR coating, you’ll be protected from the rain and slush should the temperatures rise slightly. The smallest details make the Nobis products very appealing to the fashionistas and the fashion misters of the world. The She-Ra Parka for women not only boats a fur trimmed hood, but also has a fur lined collar so you’ll be extra warm and can leave the wool scarf at home! As for the Yatesy Parka for men, there is no fur lined collar but there is a fur trimmed hood so you can batten-down-the-hatches when the winds pick up and be sure to keep your body heat inside.

Stay Warm Out There This Winter

Winter doesn’t have to be a cold, treacherous month. Be smart when you’re shopping for your winter gear and make smart purchases. With the right gear, you may even find a new found love for the snowy, gingerbread-scented seasons!

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